"Dude, why do you post so many book reviews on your blog?  How boring!"
"Don't you have anything better to do than read and write about books?  Like, watch TV?"

I'll be honest, I don't have the literary style that draws millions to read my thought-provoking insights.
I don't even have that kind of mass influence.
I have direct influence over 2 people because I have that right and responsibility...and they're both under 6 years of age!

In all honesty, here's why I review so many books here:
1) I love reading.
2) I love reading great books that inspire me to draw closer to my Creator.
3) I hate bad theolocially, cold spaghetti, and lame books.
4) I am opinionated, and I love sharing my opinion about the good and the bad - ask anyone who knows me.
5) I'm frugal and stuff (especially books and food)
6) When I'm asked to give my opinion of free books, in my opinion that's the best of all worlds.
7) I think Christians should practice the art of reading thoughtfully and critically.
8) I think mature Christians should point others to God-honoring books and repel them the bad.
9) I think our voices need to be heard that bad teachers/authors can go away.
10) I think our voices need to be heard by publishers that they must not publish garbage!

But hey, that's just my opinion....


  1. My thoughts exactly...especially on free books! I haven't done many book reviews because the one book I got from Book Sneeze was poo and I couldn't finish the first chapter. So, I have a free, yucky book on my shelf that needs to be trashed.

    I responded to your comment on my comment page about the Tozer book in case you didn't follow up! :)

  2. Love you reasons and reasoning. I too love to give my opinion on free books, what a country!

  3. I would love to send an eBook your way once our team completes.

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