IF I WERE YOUR ENEMY: (1 Peter 5:8)

"If I were your enemy, I would first befriend you;
    I would smile at you, and laugh at your jokes;
    I would put my arm around you, and make you think all is well
    I would talk to you, and call you 'friend'.

If I were your enemy, I wouldn't let you see my evil side;
    I would cover my face with a mask, and I would wash my filty clothes;
    I would trick you, deceive you, lie to you;
    I would be sure you felt secure in my presence;
    I would lull you to sleep.

If I were your enemy, I would attack you quietly, slowly, and subtly, like an ant colony quietly devouring a large tree;
    I would take up residence as your neighbor, hiding my desire to crush you;
    I would lie to you, saynig your home is secure under my watch while you were away.

If I were your enemy, I would wait to launch my final assault when you least expected it;
    I would chase you like a pack of wolves attacks a large Caribou --
    I would nip at your belly, making small rips and tears;
         And those small tears would grow large as you ran harder to escape from me, causing your 
         entrails to spill out.

If I were your enemy, I would stand over you and look into your fading eyes;
    I would call you a fool for not being discerning;
    I would whisper evil words in your dying ears;
    I would bite your throat until you suffocated."

Meet Satan, the devil.  Your enemy
A roaring lion, looking only to devour you;
To steal from you, kill you, and utterly destroy you. 
Be on your highest guard, for I lurk just around the corner. 
I patiently wait.


  1. It's almost as though Satan took some of Jesus' advice on how to treat one's enemies. I guess it's all in the intentions :P