"Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife" by Sylvia Browne (A book review in personal letter format)

Sylvia, I recently listened to the audiobook format of your book, Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife.  First, I compliment you for reading it; not many authors read their own work.  But I'd like to ask you a few questions about the book.  For relative brevity sake, I'm going to narrow my questions to 8 general ideas.

Before I start, I  admit that I listened from an Evangelical Christian perspective, and I believe the bible is the supreme and final authority on matters of faith and morality.  I believe I can ask these questions of you because early in your book you mentioned your Methodist-Catholic-Jewish up-bringing, as well as referring to the bible quite frequently.  It appears you have some kind of biblical foundation, and that is my grounds for questioning. 

1) You wrote, “by whatever name we call him, we are all praying to the same god.”  I'd like to offer some simple facts to shed light on my next question.  Muslims believe that god is only one -- no Jesus, no Spirit, not even Azna -- the feminine half of the godhead you said exists.  On the other hand, Hindus believe there are millions of gods who all have differing functions.  Christians, though, say Jesus Christ is fully God, as is "Father God", and that he died to save sinners from sin.  

Yet Muslims say Jesus Christ never died, and that he was only a mere man, like Muhammad, and never redeemed man from sin.  They say Jesus was not god.  I could continue, but I’m sure you get the point.  If each of these religions say contradictory things about God, then how can they all be true at the same time?

2) You said houses of worship and all religions coexist in peace on "the other side", and that we could learn something from that fact.  If the bible is true, however, then how can/will all religions be represented in “paradise” when they disagree?  Is "father god" schizophrenic in making various commands and demands, but then ignoring those same requirements in the afterlife? 

For the sake of argument, let's assume Jesus was wrong in what he said about being the way, the truth, and the life, and the only way to the Father – Yahweh – (not Azna).  If he was wrong, and Muhammad was right, then all followers of Jesus stand to face the harshest of hell in their judgment by Allah.  But if Jesus was right, then how could a person who rejects him share in his paradise?

3) There was a brief moment when you mentioned “Jesus” and later “Christ”, but never were the two mentioned together.  There are many who admit to the historical man, Jesus; and many who suggest “Christ” is simply a principle inside every person.  But who is Jesus Christ to you?   After all, you liked mentioning him, as well as the bible that speaks about him.  Was he the promised Messiah of God who would take away the sin of those who trust in him?  Or was he someone or something else?

4) Early in your psychic experience with your spirit guide, “Francine”, she asked for your permission to channel through you.  Although she promised that you would be in full control of yourself, you initially resisted her.  You then described a hypnotic episode when Francine took complete control of you without your permission.   When you questioned her about it, she said, “I told you I would be looking for the opportunity to do it.”  She lied to you, because she never said she would be looking for the opportunity.  You said she merely asked you.

So, if you had full control of the channeling, then why didn't Francine honor your initial wishes to not channel through you?  Additionally, why did you have to be told by those who witnessed the initial channeling what happened after she relinquished control back to you, if indeed you had full control of yourself?  

5) You often referred to the life-and-death cycle as a “return home”.  Early in the book you said we start out on the other side and then incarnate flesh to live here on earth for a time, and then return to the other side, or “home”, as you call it.  And the cycle continues via reincarnation.  Where do you find biblical support for a notion of human beings living past lives?  Again, you referred to the bible frequently, so the question seems appropriate.  Do you believe what the bible proclaims about the finality in death and the judgment that follows? 

6) While on the topic of evil, you mentioned the abyss, but only in terms that it is merely a temporary “left-door” holding area until a spirit is reincarnated.  Is it correct, then, to interpret your  your view as though the worst of the worst souls will not spend eternity in the abyss, but simply reincarnate to wreak more havoc on earth in cyclical fashion?  Are there any consequences for those who reject God?

7) Finally, several biblical references (2Kings 21:6; 2Kings 23:4; 2Chronicles 33:6) exist referring to “spiritism” as being an evil profession, not a good one.  Since you are a self-professed modern-day spiritist, what is your opinion about the bible’s condemnation of the practice?  Does the bible have any authority over your career path?

Once again, Ms. Browne, I do thank you for taking the time to read your book so I could listen.  I do hope you'll reply.  I understand you are busy, so if you only have time to answer one question, will you make it this one, please?  Who do you say Jesus Christ is?

Thank you,

8) PS, at the end of the book you said Jesus and all other messiahs that have appeared throughout time are alive and well “on the other side”, and they’re all working together.  If the bible is true in what it says, and if Jesus proclaimed from the Cross, "It is finished!", and if Muhammad of Islam said he came to complete that which Jesus failed to accomplish.... WHO DO YOU BELIEVE?

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