"Discerning Your Call to Ministry", by Jason K. Allen (book review)

Christian men who aspire to be -- and have the desire -- an Overseer in the church seek a noble calling. But how can one be sure that his desires are truly a calling from God, or simply a fanciful wish?
In this little book, Jason K. Allen asks 10 questions to help the reader determine if he is indeed called by God into the ministry. Just in case you might already be thinking, "Aren't we all called into the ministry?" I'll explain Allen's point of reference.  At the outset, Allen categorizes ministry into three parts. First, all Christians are ministers: Because we follow Christ as Lord, we are called to share the gospel and make disciples.  Second, all Christians are all called to ministry: We minister in our homes, in our work, and in our play.  Finally, there is THE ministry, the pursuit of pastoral Ministry: not all Christians are called to this office.  This is the ministry office that is the focus of the following 10 questions contained within its 150 pages:

1) Do You DESIRE the Ministry?

2) Does Your Character Meet God's Expectations?

3) Is Your Household in Order?

4) Has God Gifted You to Preach and Teach His Word?

5) Does Your Church Affirm Your Calling?

6) Do You Love the People of God?

7) Are You Passionate about the Gospel and the Great Commission?

8) Are You Engaged in Fruitful Ministry?

9) Are You Ready to Defend the Faith?

10) Are You Willing to Surrender?

The conclusion closes the book with an encouraging reminder that a man who has just examined his life answering these questions may very well feel as though he's just endured surgery. However, he encourages the man who still believes he is called to THE ministry to speak with his pastors and elders about it. Conversely, he also encourages the man who may no longer believe he is called to continue faithfully serving his church, because he is not, after all, a second-rate Christian.

This is a truly practical book that serves the church well by helping men ask (and answer) crucial questions before excessive time and money are invested into a fruitless pursuit.

I give this book five stars for its solid theology and useful practicality.

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Moody press in exchange for my unbiased review of it. All opinions are mine. I was not required to provide a positive review of it.

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