I’ve been to rock-n-roll concerts where we fans waved our hands, pumped our fists in the air, and sang horribly at the top of our lungs with our favorite rockers. We’d sing so loud we’d get headaches. We’d sweat. Our ears would ring long after the show.

The world has a bad rap, but maybe there’s something there – something we Christians might consider copying. I wonder if the rock concert is a taste of what’s in store in heaven when we worship our Savior.

I like what Albert Mohler’s thought in his book, “He is Not Silent”: “What would someone think about your God based on your worship?” If a complete stranger who knows nothing about religion or God walked into your church and watched your worship, what would he assume about the God you claim to follow? I wonder if he’d think a God with a cruel sense of humor poured sour milk and lemonade in our bowl of oat bran. I wonder if she’d come to the conclusion that we have been redeemed from so grave a condition.

Do you celebrate your favorite sporting team’s home run or touchdown more vibrantly than you worship your God? Do you worship your team the way you ought, instead, to celebrate your God?

Is our worship intense? Fierce? Joyful? Passionate? Does is look like celebration?

Our mere lip service is an indictment of the condition of our hearts, and Mark Dever nailed it when he recently spoke, “Our lips will praise what our heart follows.”


  1. The danger in is today's worship two fold:

    1) The wrong worship, passionate, fierce, celebratory, etc. can merely excite the flesh and nothing spiritual is accomplished.

    2) The tendency to forget the majesty, reverence, awe, and worship that is due such an inscrutable, indisputable, infallible, and immense deity that He is.

    I think it is because we do not know any longer what worship is. We think it is loud, clanging, singing, dramatic, etc.

    Worship is merely give God what He is worth or due in respect to His greatness.

    I would not compare Him to a rock star nor would I offer him the same "worship" as you described in your opening paragraph.

    Most worship today has moved from theo-centric to ego-centric. It is a shame.

  2. "I think it is because we do not know any longer what worship is. We think it is loud, clanging, singing, dramatic, etc."

    I guess one of us will be a little surprised in heaven when we see people like David dancing, clanging, singing loudly, etc to the majesty and awe of God!

    Unless, of course, the Bible was misleading when it depicted David using all of his body, soul, mind, and strength to praise and worship His God. How can a person fully worship God with one part of his/her being and not the other?

    Brother Gregg, how on earth did you draw the conclusion that I was comparing God to a rock star??? The point is simply this: If we give rock stars and athletes "high priase" for their temporal accomplishments, why don't/can't Christians give God that kind of praise plus so much more?

    I think the true danger in our worship today is quite the opposite of your observation: That we DON'T worship with enough passion, ferocity, energy, zeal, etc. Did David have it wrong?

    I find it difficult to fathom that any person with a basic understanding of the depth from which our God saved us could worship WITHOUT being loud or moving or dancing or clanging or...

  3. Mike, I realize that first, "worship" is a tough subject to deal with today. Second, I also realize that as a drummer, I appreciate the references to cymbals, even loud clashing ones, I also understand David's dancing and passionate worship. I also realize there is loud singing in heaven, what I meant and is hard to convey in a comment box and not over a conversation in the backyard on the porch face to face is that when I read your first paragraph and its description of a true fan I know that many today think that is a description of true worship.

    Second, I didn't think you actually compared God to a rock star, my thought on that was that we should give thought as to whom we are worshipping and the manner since God is no like any human being. After all you mentioned it for a reason, and then said maybe there is something there for us to learn.

    I agree with you 100% we should without question give God more praise, more worship that we do that of singers or athletes. I think you misunderstood what I meant and I am sorry for that.

    No, David certainly did not have it wrong. We should have passion, energy in our worship. My comment was and still is that we need to know who we are worshipping and we need to offer the appropriate worship.

    I have been in a couple and have seen tapes of more services that the so called "worship" was no different than a hard rock or heavy metal concert.

    You are right; 1) we need to offer more worship to God than our favorite team, 2) that we need to be passionate about the worship we give God, 3) that David is an example 4) heaven will proably blow our mind if it where unchanged (mind)

    I am right when I say 1) we need to understand just what worship is, 2) that God is far more worthy than a mob or crowd jumping up and down shouting, while ear spliting almost on-human guitars are screeching, lights are flashing, and mindless lyrics are being shouted.

    I appreciate your site, your insight, and the ability to comment.

  4. Very good. Well said!

  5. I'm definitely a shy, reserved, person. So even at my own son's football games I'm not one prone to shouting. I enjoy concerts in my own, more quiet,way.

    God created us all unique. So, as trite as it may sound, I think we all worship differently. It sincerely is the heart that counts. I think there will be all kinds of responses when we see Jesus; but most of all, I don't think we'll give a hoot how the others are worshiping our savior because we'll all be so caught up in our own worship.

    Although it made me self conscious, I was also happy when my husband confessed a while back that he tries to be nearby in the house to where I have my quite times because he loves to hear me sing and worship God. That hearing me increases his faith and desire to worship.

  6. Tracy, I couldn't agree with you more! I'm so glad God created us differently, cuz I don't think I'd like the world much if everybody was like me. (Just ask my wife ;)

    The key in your life is this: the way you worship your God stirs you, it moves you. You don't stand with your hands in your pockets counting ceiling tiles. It causes you to do something...and that's great! And it's evident in your husband's response. I'll bet God listens in, too!!!!