"YHWH: Preincarnate Jesus", by Bradley J. Cummins

YHWH Preincarnate Jesus
INTRODUCTION: When you read the name LORD in the Bible's Old Testament, you likely understand it is an English translation from the Hebrew word, YHWH, or Yahweh.  And guess what, you'd be correct!  But who exactly IS Yahweh? 

If someone were to suggest that Jesus and Yahweh are the same person of the Trinity, what might you say?  "No, no, Yahweh is God.  The Father.  You know, Yahweh-God.  That's what I've always been told."  And if someone were to suggest the Bible actually teaches Yahweh and Jesus are one and the same Person, you might tell that someone to get lost. 

Well, that's just what Bradly Cummins has done in this little 65-page book, showing us that the meaning of the simple word LORD was lost in translation.  In his opening comments, Cummins writes, "YHWH is the preincarnate Jesus alone, and not the Father -- as many believe" (p.vii).  I was skeptical when I read that, too.  To be honest, though, I think I was skeptical because I felt offended  -- that what I believed was accurate and deserved to not be shaken up.

CLEARLY CONVINCED: After reading the first chapter, I was convinced -- not merely to the point that I think what Cummins has to say is a novel idea.  Thoroughly convinced.  So naturally, when I finished the book, I thought to myself, "Wow, this changes things.  It changes how I read the Bible and how I interpret all those LORD passages.  It changes my perception of who Jesus is, but it changes in glorifying him, not minimizing him."

Cummins, an apologist at heart, initiates his argument in Genesis 1:1-2:4 and Hebrews 1:1-10.  These passages serve as the foundation to showing Yahweh-Jesus is the One credited with the work of creation, not the Father.  Through the remainder of the book, Cummins mounts up convincing evidence to support his case, citing both the Old and New Testaments.

FOREIGN, OR NEW?  This idea that Yahweh and Jesus are the same person sounds strange -- almost heretical -- at first, doesn't it?  But is it possible that this is so because this is a new-to-you concept?  I refuse to write foreign concept because the Bible teaches otherwise, as Cummins argues. 

What I so admire about Cummins' work is that he has written what so few "scholars" have written.  He's admittedly not a "trained" seminarian, yet that ought not discredit his work.  In fact, I find it refreshing because there are many intelligent believers who do not hail from seminaries.  Admittedly, Cummins recognizes his audience will not be seminary graduates.  In an email conversation, Cummins added, "they cannot see past what they are taught."  This is likely true.

WHY DOES IT MATTER?  You, like me, might be asking, "Does it really matter?"  After reading the book, I can say with conviction, "Yes, I think it does."  You'll have to come to your own conclusions why it matters.  Cummins provides his reasons; I have my own.  But will you take the chance to have your beliefs challenged?

PRICING: Although "YHWH: Preincarnate Jesus" lists for $11.99, it is available for only $8.75 in paperback format, and $8.39 in ebook format at Winepress Publishing.  It is available through Amazon for $10.19.

AUTHOR'S WEBSITE: Please visit for more access to and information about the book.
RATING:  If it's not already abvious, 5 stars out of 5!

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from  Winepress Publishing in exchange for my unbiased review of it. All opinions are mine. I was not threatened or coerced to provide a positive review.

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