"NKJV Know the Word Study Bible" (book review)

I received the NKJV Know the Word Study Bible free of charge as part of the BookLook Bloggers review program in exchange for an unbiased review of it.  This 1900-page Bible is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers and comes with a concordance and maps.  But there are other features, which I'll discuss here.

Dimensions: The Bible measures approximately 8-3/4" x 5-3/4" x 1-3/8" and weighs maybe around 1 pound.  Not big, not heavy.  Perfect for carrying to/from school/work, etc.

Topic-by-Topic articles are scattered throughout, but there is a nice index at the beginning of the Bible that directs the reader to what page a topical article can be found.  This comes in handy if a reader is looking to study a topic of his/her choosing at any particular time.  Otherwise, the reader can read the articles as they arrive while reading the biblical text. 

 Should the reader stumble across an article or word study that is of particular interest, there exists a footnote at the bottom of said article/note that directs the reader to either the next or the previous topical study.
 The articles or word studies are not all that lengthy, but provide just enough to serve as fodder for deeper digging.  To go deeper, one would simply employ heavier tools like exhaustive concordances, systematic theology resources, etc.  I doubt this study Bible was intended to be the final resource on all study materials, but rather as a simple introduction and invitation for readers to go deeper into God's word.

A nice 2-page feature exists following the last page of Malachi, and immediately preceding Matthew's gospel.  This section briefly outlines various eras of human history and some of the more significant events that took place until the arrival of the Messiah, Jesus.

 Of course, this Bible comes equipped with the red letters for Jesus's words.  It's not a mandatory thing, but is helpful to the reader who thinks to him/her-self when trying to find a passage, "Jesus said such-and-such, so where would I find it?"  The red letters simply help narrow down one's searching.

Finally, I've attached a photo of a pencil next to the type font so you can see just how small or large the print is for your liking.  There are decent (not huge) margins on the sides and bottoms of the pages for notes.  But if those areas are not enough, there are several pages with a lot of clean space for writing short notes.
Rating: Overall, I give this Bible just 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  It is simple, but provides some helpful resources for study.  It wouldn't be my first choice of study Bibles, but it might be useful for new or young believers to whet their appetites for more of God's word.

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