THE HOLINESS OF GOD: Chapter 10 Reflections:

Chapter 10 - Looking Beyond Shadows

Quotable Sproul: "...we not only fail to stop and smell the flowers, but we also fail to notice the glory of the flowers' Maker."

Allowing God's Holiness to Touch Our Lives - 3 questions

1) "Describe a recent experience in which God revealed himself to you through nature."

Every morning I drive to work, I experience God's glory in his creation in the sunrises He artistically designs. I love witnessing the development of the sunrise and cloud formations as I travel east, and I wonder how many busy drivers notice the glory of a majestic God developing before their very eyes.

2) "In what ways do we worship creation rather than the Creator?"

Those who do not notice the sunrise may be too focused on their jobs or other life-problems. We allow our life-issues to distract us too much from God's desire to attract our attention. When our life-issues become more important than God, we give worth-ship to creation that is due our Creator.

3) "How do things that are good, true, and beautiful reflect God's holiness? How does this truth help shape your priorities?"

God is good. God is true. God is beautiful. Just as art proclaims the wonder of the artist, so goodness, truth, and beauty reflect the very character of Almighty God.

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