THE HOLINESS OF GOD: Chapter 11 Reflections:

Chapter 11 - Holy Space and Holy Time

Quotable Sproul: "The celebration of the Lord's Supper involves sacred time in three distinct ways. First, it looks to the past, instructing believers to remember and show forth Christ's death by this observance. Second, it focuses on the present moment of celebration, in which Christ meets with His people to nurture them and strengthen them in their sanctification. Third, it looks to the future, to the certain hope of their reunion with Christ in heaven, where they will participate in the banquet feast of the Lamb and His bride."

Allowing God's Holiness to Touch Our Lives - 2 questions

1) "In what ways have you looked for a doorway to holy space? Do you go to a specific place -- in your home, in your church, in nature -- to feel closer to God?"

When I have felt closest to God's presense, it has always, always been on my knees. I can't focus on His presence when I'm walking or driving, although I can approach anywhere. However, on my knees in front of a couch or bed has always been most effective for me.

2) "What holy times can you pinpoint in your life?"

I can point to one most recently. I had been going through a very difficult time, a time when my good friend Mike "walked" with me and urged me to stand when I was on my back. He reminded me of God's everlasting faithfulness. When I was at my worst, Mike reminded me that I am a child of God and must fight the urge to throw in the towel and quit. He is truly a godly man, and I thank God for placing him in my life. Mike's reminding me of God's faithfulness and righteousness was truly a holy, God-glorifying time that brought many tears of thanks to my eyes.

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