A 47-year old neighbor, Kim, died Monday after a years-long battle with cancer. She was one of those women who was always more concerned about others than she was about herself. In the throes of illness, she was concerned about Joshua’s well-being. When she would see us out jogging together, she would stop to ask how Joshua’s eyes were doing.

When we went to the viewing yesterday evening, we showed Kim to Joshua as she lay in her casket. He asked, “Papa, why is Miss Kim in the box?” Throughout the day, we explained that Miss Kim died, and in true 3-year old fashion, the response was always, “Why?”

While getting ready this morning, Joshua asked me if I was going to a funeral.

Papa, are you going to see Miss Kim in the big box?”

Yeah, buddy, I am.”

Papa, will Mister Joe be there?”

Yeah, buddy, he will.”

Without hesitation, Joshua opened the drawer in our bathroom where we keep our first aid supplies. He grabbed his box of Band Aids – not just any plain Band Aids, but his favorite Sponge Bob Band Aids – and pulled one out of the box.

He handed it to me and said, “Papa, give this to Mister Joe. This will make his owie go away.”

I sure will, buddy. I sure will.”

After the funeral at the luncheon, I spoke with Joe briefly after he finished eating. I held out the colorful, green Sponge Bob bandage and tearfully explained the story to him, and that Joshua wanted me to give it to him. Joe gladly, but tearfully, took the Band Aid and wiped away a few tears.

If only it was so easy that a Band Aid could heal a broken heart.


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Great story man...

  2. Know what's so amazing? We adults, with all of our learning, and all of our words, when we try and comfort someone, it takes us months to do what one child can do with a SpongeBob™ Band-Aid™.

  3. I think I'll write this one in a book for him to read one day!