It would be foolish of me to embark upon an experiment and not reflect on it to ascertain if I've learned something from it.  Here are some of the thoughts that struck me as I was thinking through each of the issues I raised.

First, I've proven that I am a sinner in need of a Savior.  The Apostle Paul was wrong....I am the worst sinner, not him.  I've got him beat -- hands down!  Every day, I prove that I need God more than the air I breathe.  I deserved the Cross; I needed Jesus to go to the Cross for me.  I deserve worse; I need mercy.

I'm truly thankful.

Next, I've learned that may worship of God through prayer is severely lacking.  If my prayer was a human being, it would be emaciated.  I have leaned that I need to pray more fervently -- not for things I want, but for God to glorify Himself in redeeming His creatures.  I have unbelieving loved-ones and friends (I suppose they could also be considered loved-ones, eh?) and enemies -- and it sure seems that if I'm truly serious about eternity that I would pray more frequently, longer, and harder for them than I do. 

Lesson learned.

Third, I wonder what kind of friend I am to people.  It's not a question about what people think of me, or even how I'm perceived.  But if my pastor or my Jesus were to ask my co-workers and friends and family what kind of person I am, I wonder if they'd say.  Do they see Jesus in me?  Do I admit my faults and responsibilities, or do I lie about them?   Am I true to my word, or do I make promises or guarantees without following through with them?

I'll be more mindful.

Next, I wonder what kind of example I'm setting, especially for my two young sons.  When they grow older, will they say their ol' man was a godly, God-honoring person?  Will they say we (my wife and I) trained them right, to honor God and be respectful of others?  Will they want to follow in my footsteps?  They likely WILL follow, but will my footsteps lead them to the Cross?  Are they steps I would WANT them to follow?

I must walk humbly.


  1. Do they see Jesus in me?

    If it's any consolation, I do. I would definitely peg you as more of a Jesus than a Paul (I can't stand Paul).

    1. Bret, you are very gracious, my friend! Perhaps if you knew me more on a personal level you'd be more inclined to peg me as a Paul??? But, thank you! It is encouraging.