It is easy to diligently stand guard when we know an attack is imminent. Our minds ready our bodies for action when we think an enemy's haunt is just around the corner. But it is a much different thing to be on guard when life is going smoothly. We allow ourselves to be lulled gently to sleep when our sailing waters are smooth and easy.

Recently, 4 of our 20-some chickens were killed in the middle of the night by God-knows-what...probably raccoons. We haven't had too many problems with predators since we started this chicken-raising venture, and this marks only our second encounter in as many years. After stalking and killing 3 raccoons that terrorized our chickens last year, they have remained largely absent. They scurried off our radar screen. Not a blip.

But last night they hunted with ease. Why? Because we grew complacent. We didn't think about the raccoons returning any time soon. As the saying goes, "Out of sight, out of mind". But they returned. With a vengeance.

So it is in the daily protection of our souls. When we are under attack is when I think most believers are at our strongest. We're mentally more prepared and more willing to confront our fears, our struggles, our temptations when they are staring us in the face. But when they are absent, that is when we are most vulnerable.

When we sail on calm waters we forget about the raging squall that is always a possibility; When the sun is shining is when we forget how dangerous the once-ominous storm clouds can be. But when we slumber and drop our guard, that is the time when the enemy will most assuredly attack.

We see the same tactic used in warfare. Today it is called "stealth". It's the element of surprise that most effective against us. And that, my friends, is when we need to be most alert.

How are things going for you? Have you been strong, lately, in the face of those besetting sins that tempt you most? Have you journeyed with relative ease for a season? Are you comfortable? Well, I'm glad you've enjoyed that wonderful peace, but be on guard, stand watch, be alert.

Before His arrest, Jesus told His disciples to be alert and on guard, to pray that they wouldn't fall into temptation. Were they in a comatose state, thinking all was well as long as Jesus was present? Were they cozy? One can only speculate. But I doubt they were on high alert, as was their Lord, because they went away and fell asleep!

My friend, please don't let that be you. Be on guard. Be alert. Be ready. For the devil roams around, seeking whomever he may devour. The danger -- although you may not sense it -- is imminent!

If you have not trusted Jesus Christ for the care of your eternal soul, I encourage you to do so.  For the attack against your soul is just as imminent a danger.


  1. Great reminder. Sorry about the chickens. Sounds like raccoon stew may on the menu soon!

  2. Skunks too! And they don't smell if the are just marauding!
    And alert level green is the way we want it so we ignore all till red arrives.

  3. Great reminder, thanks!