THE HOLINESS OF GOD : Chapter 8 reflections:

Chapter 8 - Be Holy Because I am Holy

Quotable Sproul: "When we major in minors and blow insignificant trifles out of proportion, we imitate the Pharisees. When we make dancing and movies the test of spirituality, we are guilty of substituting a cheap morality for a genuine one. We do these things to obscure the deeper issues of righteousness. Anyone can avoid dancing or going to the movies. These require no great effort of moral courage. What is difficult is to control the tongue, to act with integrity, to reveal the fruit of the Spirit."

Allowing God's Holiness to Touch Our Lives - 5 questions

1) "What does it mean to you to be holy, to live a holy life?"

I often think of holiness as perfection, but the more I reflect on it, the more I see my daily holiness as reverence for God's holiness. To be holy is to live a life that shuns evil behavior and walks in the mindfulness of God's all-consuming presence. To live as though God is actually present ought to keep us from sin, the same way that we would live if our mothers were watching.

2) "How are you trying to renew your mind?"

Renewal of my mind has been a very long, difficult process. I have accountability partners to help keep me in check. Most times it works, but throughout time it needs to be checked. My accountability partners are my good friend Mike (the pastor) and my wife...and I hate answering their tough questions.

3) "How do you respond when you realize that God has justified you by transferring to your account all of Christ's righteousness?"

Still I'm baffled. What surprises me most is that God would choose to save people just like me. I wouldn't at all find it unjust if God wiped us all out -- even those of us who are born-agains. I am amazed that He would save even one! Why me?

4) "What fruit has the Holy Spirit been developing in your life?"

Over the past few months, I have seen myself being more compassionate to peoples' hurting that I have been in the past. Maybe it's because I've hurt so much lately that God has been able to use it to break me. I'm not saying I go cry over peoples' problems, but I am more sympathetic to what they think and feel.

5) "In what ways do you want to grow in holiness?"

I think this question is like the question that cannot be answered by an idiot: "What would you like to learn today." "Well, I don't know what I'd like to learn because there's so much I don't tell me." I feel like I'm in that boat, but I guess I'd like to practice God's presence more than I do. Is growing in holiness a lot like humility? Just as it's prideful to say I'm humble, is it self-righteous to say I'm holy? Can we know we've got it and admit we've got it? Or will we always -- especially as we grow in it -- be more aware of our wretchedness and God's holiness and continually think we've not yet arrived? I think so.

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