"WHERE IS GOD?" by Dr. John Townsend:

Where is God?” is a book that attempts to comfort and encourage people about God’s presence in difficult times.


First, Dr. Townsend unashamedly approaches the doubter’s question of God’s presence with ample support from Scripture. While the book is not heavy theological reading, it is packed full of encouraging and useful scripture references. I think it is important for people to interpret our circumstances in the light of scripture, since faith comes by hearing God’s word. Dr. Townsend will inspire readers’ to see where trials and difficulties intersect with God’s word. Second, Dr. Townsend’s approach, using appropriate anecdotes and true stories to convey points he makes, is very insightful. He doesn’t simply include his own life experiences, but mostly those of others. His opening story about his trek into the Antarctic serves as the opening theme when one feels alone: where is God? Third, this is a book that would not only be one appropriate for followers of Christ, but may also serve to help those who are outside of Christ. If already tenderized by their struggles, God’s word is faithfully presented to cut into the heart of the already-wounded soul.


Quite honestly, there’s not a lot I didn’t like about this book. While it would not categorically fit into “my style” of books to read (it was simple and not very “heady”), I have to admit it wasn’t a bad book. It was certainly thoroughly researched and well written, but it was just a little too simple and fluffy for my tastes. Hey, I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but it doesn’t mean vanilla ice cream is bad. I think it’s the same thing here. This book is not one that left individual challenges churning in my mind, but I still think it will accomplish its purpose for just the right person.


On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give this book 3.9 stars.

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