Thursday evening, we lost another brother in blue: Trooper David Stokes.  He was only 41 years old.  While driving his personal car, it appears he suffered a fatal heart attack.

I only met Dave a couple months ago when he was a "student" trooper in my car at the Precision Drive Track, where he was learning to become a driving instructor.  I spent many hours with him in that training patrol car, and we had some interesting conversations, some of them spiritual conversations.  And just last week I worked with him again as he instructed his first group of "student" officers and troopers.  He brought such a fun attitude and sense of humor to the group.

When I received a text message early Friday morning that Dave died, I wept bitterly for quite a while.  I didn't simply cry.  I wept.  My heart hurt for him.  I pleaded with God over and over again, "Please have mercy on him!  Please have mercy!"  No other words would come to my head.  My prayers were simply for God's mercy.

Dave, you will be sadly missed by many.  I pray for your wife, children, mother, father, siblings, and comrades.

Goodbye, Dave.  Goodbye.


  1. These posts always grieve me. My heart and prayers go out to his family and to you. So hard to see an officer go down and at such at early age. WE can only trust the grace, mercy and wisdom of God. I am sorry for your loss brother!

  2. Thank you, brother.

  3. julie stokes10:50 PM

    Hi. I,m Julie Stokes. Would just like to know why you pleaded with God for mercy for David. I just wanted to know if he was saved.Can't e-mail you-it doesn't go thru. Could you please e-mail me? Thank you so very much. Been worried about this.