"Ascent from Darkness", by Michael Leehan

In my experience there are three broad categories of books. The first category is the crummy book – the one you wish you hadn’t wasted time on. The second is the good book – one that stirs the mind and conversation. But then there’s a third, one I consider the phenomenal book. It’s the book one doesn’t merely read, but consumes and devours. It’s one I can’t stop reading or put down easily.

“Ascent from Darkness” falls in that category of phenomenal books. It’s a book that I wish was longer, and one that I will never regret reading. I read it cover-to-cover in four days, and loved every page of it.

The author, Michael Leehan, was a full-fledged Satanist for twenty years of his life after making a deal with the devil when he was in his early twenties. Leehan describes his descent into evil darkness, channeling, blood/animal sacrifice, possession, etc. throughout the majority of the book. The experience of just reading his testimony was mind-blowing and eye-opening!

One of the most painful statements in the entire book came when Leehan was mere hours away from his self-appointed time to commit suicide. While still in bondage, he included this scathing opinion of the Church in his one last plea to God for help: “I can tell You another thing if You are there; Your followers suck! They lie and they are hypocrites. In a moment they quote Scripture and fornicate. They speak Your words, and then they lie to each other. They come to church hours after they lust for their neighbor and commit sin. They say they serve You but are inwardly evil. They profess You, but their eyes and hearts are consumed by this world” (p.209).

The last quarter of the book details the process – a long, painful, difficult one – Leehan endured while seeking deliverance. We Americans have seen Hollywood’s rendition of exorcisms performed by sweaty priests as they fling holy water on the afflicted. But that wasn’t Leehan’s case. He agonized several years on the road to freedom.

God skillfully directed godly men and women in Leehan’s life-path, Christ-followers who prayed with/for him and relentlessly loved him to Christ. Today, Leehan is a free man in Christ, and he shares his radical testimony with the world how his life was miraculously changed by the power of God!

RATING: There are not enough stars in the 5-star system for this book. If so, I’d give it more! It’s a must-read and a must-share!

DISCLAIMER: I received this book free of charge from Thomas Nelson Publishers (Booksneeze) in exchange for my unbiased review. I was not promised reward, nor was I threatened or coerced in any way in order to solicit a positive review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. The glory goes to God for pursuing and saving me from certain death.

  2. Michael, thank you so much for sharing your testimony, and for doing it so candidly. The glory, indeed, belongs to God alone!

    As a police officer, I found your testimony was not just a spiritual warfare eye-opener, but also another tool in my belt to help me recognize afflicted people better and know how to help.

    In all my years on the road, I've arrested one man who, to this day, I am convinced he was possessed. His countenance drastically changed when I made my initial contact with him, he drooled heavily, and his voice grew very gravelly. In the ride to the jail, the hair on the back of my neck (and I even shave bald!) raised. I still wonder if it was my presence as a Christian that caused his reaction, or if it was something else.

    I wonder what your take is. I'd love to ask you more questions personally if you have the time, since your story is so insightful. You can access my email via the "Who am I" section and click on "see my profile" in the sidebar of my blog. Then in the profile page under my picture is a link to my email. I'd love to chat more in private.

    Thank you so much for visiting!


  3. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I just wanted to say that I do not read very many Pastor lent me this book...I am not finished yet...but decided to look up a little about yourself... but I find that I am going through this book very easily. You are telling my story here...for the most part ...many many things have happened and are still happening.... Not to sure on why I am writing this...but I felt complelled to...I am in good hands with Pastor Steven...

    1. It is no accident that you stopped by, and certainly no accident your pastor loaned you the book. If you are struggling, we have a great God who loves you and who will never leave you alone. You're in good hands with pastor Steven, but even better hands with God. Lean wholly upon Him.

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me....I wanted to let you know that I finished your book within five days...which is very amazing for me.. I believe there is no accidents in this world...and pastor Steven has played an important part in showing me the freedom... It is a journey that is difficult but I am winning the battle....I do believe God does walk beside me and will never give up on me.....but the battle is on going for now....but I know the day will come and everything will be normal in my house....If ever in Kingston Ontario....let us know....thank you again in writing your book......

    3. Anon- Oh, my friend, I did not write the book. The author is Michael Leehan