...and we like it. 
We love it, actually. 
Because it proves to us we are better than everybody else.
You see, at the center of this thing we call ChristIanity is "I"...big fat I
Don't you see it in there?
And "I" spells "ME" all day long!
While there may be no "I" in "team", there sure is in Christianity.

And that philosophy carries over to the gospel.
I am at the center of the gospel.
The gospel is all about what Jesus did for ME...
...and how He pursues ME to be in relationship with Him.
We have turned the message of the gospel into all that Jesus wants to do for US,
and how we wants to do nothing less than bless US.

But, ironically, we forget that Jesus died for people just like us, and that He is right now calling "them" -- US -- to Him.
Oh how quickly we forgot that we were ugly people when that happened. 

After all, He died on the cross for ME, right?
We have gotten so much in the way that we have forgetten that Jesus died on the cross for HIM.
We forget that it glorified God to offer Jesus on the Cross for our sin, and that it was all about HIM. 
It was -- and still is -- about HIS glory.
Not ours.

If it was about US, then we wouldn't need Him...
...but what He wants
is for US
to need HIM.

But our pride gets in the way of needing Him.
And if our foolish pride gets in the way of God, then you can be sure it gets in the way of other people who are watching us.

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