Sheepdog Award: Jesse Wasmer

The news didn't report it this way, but Jesse Wasmer is a tried and true Sheepdog!  Rather than focus the report on the heroics of this Baltimore-area high school guidance counselor who disarmed a madman, they instead decided to refine their sights on Robert Gladden and his troubled times.

Rather than talk about what kind of coward Gladden was, who opened fire with a loaded shotgun in a packed school cafeteria, shooting one boy in the back, killing him, I'd rather focus my attention on the Sheepdog, Jesse Wasmer.

He is the hero of the day.  He ran TOWARD the shooting and wrestled the still-loaded shotgun away from Gladden.  In the fracas, the gun again went boom, but this time only into the soul-less ceiling. 

Prior to the melee, Gladden posted on Facebook that it was his last day on earth...F*** the world.  It's very likely that Gladden's plan was to kill more than that one student in the cafeteria.  He was the wolf, and his prey were his carefree sheep-classmates.

Enter Sheepdog Wasmer.  Rather than run away scared, he fought the attacker, stopping him from killing more of his students, his sheep.  He guarded them like Sheepdogs guard their flock, confronting wolves. 

He prevented another Columbine. 
Another Aurora.


Mr. Wasmer, you are a great American Sheepdog!  Hats off to you, Sir.  More reporting should be done on heroes like you, not cowards like Gladden.  You earned the highly coveted Sheepdog Award.

Click here for more reading on Sheepdog mentality, by Col. Grossman.


  1. Amen!

    Long live the Sheepdog!

  2. Kristine4:37 PM

    Mr. Wasmer's brave actions gave my son and the other children those much needed extra seconds to react and exit the cafeteria. Without his intervention this situation could have been much worse. I don't think we will ever be able to thank him for saving the lives of so many children. The actions of the entire staff that day were above reproach. It could not have been handled more appropriately. The students remained calm and the faculty remained professional. I love my alma mater and have never been more proud to be a Gator.

    1. Kristine, so glad you stopped by to say hi. I'm grateful your son and his friends are safe. That is truly great news! Thank God for courageous people like him and the rest of the staff.

      Please send my congratulations to them, please, for a job very well done! Sadly, one student was killed, but thankfully the damage was limited to just one.

  3. Kristine3:57 AM

    He is still with us. He's being treated at our shock trauma center here in baltimore. I have heard reports that he was able to sit up and move his extremities yesterday. You all can follow his progress on I have found them to be pretty reliable. I will pass on your appreciation and thanks again.

    1. Kristine, thank you for the update. That is great news! I am praying for him. I have a son and couldn't imagine the pain the family must be feeling. Please be well.