"Illuminated Bible: Art Journaling Edition (ESV)" - (book review)

In order to review this Bible edition, I need to review two different aspects: (1) the Bible format itself, and (2) the artwork and space provided for personal artwork and journaling.

First, the Bible format: I truly love the fact that the pages are single-column style.  This is due to the fact that the outer margins are two inches wide.  If there were two columns of print, the columns would each consist of about five small-print words 😆

Next, the print is fairly small.  It's not smaller than the average Bible, but I still require reading glasses for this one.

Finally, there are no cross references, or notes, or book introductions, or a concordance.  THIS IS NOT A STUDY BIBLE.  That's perfectly Bibles are not a requirement in order to be a legitimate Bible.  Just know what it is and is not before buying it.

Second, the Journaling aspect:  Oh muh-word...I have two words for the color scheme: Ug - Ly! The covers are forest green (I love forest green)...but all the artwork is printed in gold, and the edges of the pages are also trimmed in gold.  I find it all to be rather gaudy, to be honest.

Next, I do like the fact that the margins are a whopping 2 inches wide!  This allows for a lot of note-writing, artistry...whatever fancies the reader.

Each book's title page, so to speak, is a full page of art, and the inspiration/meaning of each is explained in the back of the bible.

Finally, all of the artwork font is in solid print, so there's really no room for coloring in the letters if that's what interests someone.

Rating: I give this edition just 2 1/2 stars.  It's really just kindof blah...and I appreciate good art.  This art, though....well.....

Disclaimer: I received this Bible free of charge from Crossway in exchange for my unbiased review of it.  All opinions are mine, and I was not required to provide a positive review of it.

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