“Why I Love the Apostle Paul: 30 Reasons”, by John Piper (book review)

In this 208-page book, John Piper offers his reasons for being so fond of the Apostle Paul.  Obviously, these are his opinions, and you or I may be drawn to other notable figures in scripture.  However, it is good to slow down and dig deeply into the reasons why we are so fond of such people.  While there are 30 chapters – reasons – each chapter really goes much deeper than one mere reason, as we all know one thought certainly leads to another. 

In 2019, I decided to dedicate a considerable part of my reading time to one man: John Owen.  I’ve begun with “Mortification of Sin in Believers”, and have been challenged much!  I say that because I found chapter 10 of “Why I Love the Apostle Paul” to be most interesting, most insightful: “Learning Lat in Life to Know and Kill My Most Besetting Sins”.  That’s not because the other 29 chapters are no good, but simply because my mind is presently fixed on the theme of killing sin.  In that chapter, Pipers writing supports and even clarifies some thoughts Owen wrote…not because Owen did not say it well, but because another vantage point is worthwhile when it opens a door just a little wider, allowing light to shine on a thought.

Years ago, Piper said something like this: It’s not usually entire books that change people; not even entire chapters; but paragraphs change people.  The thoughts in chapter 10 truly were worth the time of reading this book, so I included a few of his clarifications in my “Mortification” book study journal.

I give the book 4 stars.  It certainly isn’t on my favorites shelf at home (especially since I read the Kindle version), but it is truly worth reading.

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Crossway in exchange for my unbiased review of it.  All opinions are mine, and I was not required to provide a positive review of it.

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