What if the bodily "temple" you've been given to tend here on earth is the one that your glorified temple in heaven will look like? Many Christians hope for that day when we will be transformed, when our broken, sin-sickened bodies will be miraculously and mysteriously changed into something more Herculean, more angelic.

But what are you doing about the transformation today? Great sermons are preached about our need to eschew sins in life, from over-consumption of alcohol to pornography, from gossip to adultery, etc. Our minds are stretching with information, and our intelligence is growing. Unfortunately, so too are our bodies. Our minds are fit, but our bodies are fat!

Every Sunday morning, people are showing up in churches to hear messages designed to transform their souls, hearts, and minds. Yet, many of those same people are cramming donuts and cookies into their already-too-chubby faces, and thus dishonoring the temple God gave them to care for. Seems like sexual sin is not the only one that affects the body; Gluttony and lack of self-discipline have ugly results as well, and it shows.

• 58 Million (18.6%) Americans are overweight; 40 Million (12.8%) are obese; 3 Million (1%) are morbidly obese. America's population is right around 311.6 million.
• Eight out of 10 over the age of 25 are overweight

Consider the medical definitions of "obese" and "overweight". Obesity is defined as being 20% or higher over one's ideal healthy weight, and to be "morbidly obese" is to be 50% over one's ideal healthy weight.

So, what if that temple you've been given is the same one you will always have? What if only the pain and sickness is taken away, but the shape remains? Are you honoring God in your body as well as in your speech and conduct? Will you start the transformation today?

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