#8 - We have an escapist mentality

This one is a mild pet peeve of mine, but I think it is mportant enough to make it into the top 10.

We Christians are so caught up in our future hope God will give us in Glory that we forget about what He gave us today.  God made the heavens AND the inhabit it, to possess it, to work it, and to enjoy it.  We forget that He declared His creation good! Yes, sin indeed corrupted the good, but that doesn't mean all was flushed down the sewer from there.

It seems that we want out of all we have today, in exchange for everything future:
Rather than working through our difficult marriages, we want out;
Rather than excelling in what we do, we want new jobs, better jobs, higher paying jobs;
Rather than reconcile with the jerk in the next cubicle, we want to be moved;
Rather than care for the bodies we've been given, we want our glorified ones now.

I fully recognize this is a human nature thing, and not just a Christian thing.  But of all people, Christians ought to set the example in contentment. 

We want everything except what God has already given us. 
We want to escape this life -- AND QUICKLY -- in exchange for the next.

Sadly, we resign ourselves that things will only be better in Heaven, and that our only joy will be found there.  But Jesus said He came so that we could have abundant life with full joy!  I doubt He ONLY meant life and joy that awaits us in Heaven.

Again, the disclaimer: I know the escapist mentality does not apply to ALL believers.  Just many of them.


  1. You have mistakenly charged this to Christians. It is Mankind's issue. Biblical too. Paul,David,even Our Savior expressed preference for different outcome. But I find it good that you encourage discussion over flight and remind us to see the Blessing we have.

  2. @Chadek. Actually he did say that this was not merely a Christian issue, but human nature. Reread at about the 4th paragraph.

    Good, post. I look forward especially to what you mean on 3 and 2.

  3. I like a little escapism myself every now and then, or every In fact, the less I have to deal with others, the better, hence "The Brown Recluse." That is how I find my joy...have I proved your point enough, or should I go on? heheh

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    1. I got it! Wow, that WAS easy. Thank you, TBR!

  4. Jim, I fully understand your point, but that's exactly why I mentioned it is a human nature issue as well as a Christian issue. But we ought to set the example of life here and life lthere.

    Jeff, thank you!

    TBR, point proven. Hahahahahaa. I will definitely check out the comment format upgrade. Thank you!

  5. Great series! This would make a good tract for Christians (no joke).